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2016 Summer Wine Trends

Man enjoying a glass of wine on the patio

Four Ottawa Wine Bar Trends You’ll See This Summer

Now that the warm weather is finally here, it’s time to go outside and enjoy the restaurant patio season! Wine bars in Ottawa will all be making menu changes and adjustments to use seasonal foods and cooking styles to offer new twists on old favorites.

Here are four wine and drink trends you can expect to see this summer:

More Sparkle and Pink

With the summer heat, you’ll start to see more and more mixed wine drinks—unique sangria flavours perfect for sipping on the patio—and especially keep an eye out for sparkling wines and Rosés. Ottawa wine bars and winemakers are starting to experiment with the bubbly to make new and unique options for diners. Sparkling wines and Rosés will also become a popular choice for health-conscious drinkers because of the lower alcohol percentage and calorie count. Besides, who would wouldn’t want a bit more bubbly in their lives?

Local Love

Highlighting locally made products is a growing trend in many industries as people turn away from factory-produced goods. The local trend is a great way for consumers to connect with products they consume while also supporting local business. In Ottawa, this trend has been largely driven by the growing craft beer market with more and more breweries opening in the area.

There are also a lot of wine regions in Ontario, such as in Niagara and Prince Edward County. That VQA section in your local wine shop? Those are all wines made by Ontario and British Columbia wine labels (and VQA Ontario labels are exclusive to our province). You can expect to see more wine bars in Ottawa selecting labels that are closer to home all across their bar menu to connect with customers and support the community.

The Rise of Syrah

Syrah or Shiraz wines are made from a very dark grape, giving the wine more body and flavor than a Cabernet. Chefs and sommeliers are loving the rich flavours in these wines, given how they offer lots of different cooking and pairing options to experiment with. This also makes these wines more accessible to buyers because they are often easy to pair with whatever dinner they have planned, including delicious summer BBQ. As an extra health perk, Shiraz wines also have more antioxidants than other types of red wine.

The Story Behind the Wine

Diners and buyers can expect to see more emphasis placed on the stories behind the wine. Telling stories makes wine more approachable. People want to know more about who made the wine, if it’s organic or local, and the fermenting details associated with their beverage. Each vintage, wine style, and vineyard has a story to present to consumers, and these are highlighted in various ways on bottles and menus in Ottawa’s wine bars. Oftentimes it’s the story that makes you more connected to the process and informed about the industry.

Summer is a great time to go out and try new and exciting flavours in your beverages. From light and bubbly to full-flavoured wines, diners can expect a variety of choices this summer with rich stories to go along with every selection they make.