What goes into Canadian Cuisine in Ottawa?

canadian cuisine ottawa

It’s All About What Makes Us Canadian There are many things that set us apart as Canadians, including our cuisine, and I’m not just talking about poutine and maple bacon. Canadian cuisine has unique flavours, methods of preparation, and combinations of ingredients. But what really goes into creating amazing dishes, besides, of course, the passionate […]

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What Makes a Downtown Ottawa Dining Experience Great?

restaurant downtown Ottawa

The Recipe for Success at a Fine Dining Restaurant in Downtown Ottawa The most obvious one is the food. The menus should offer fresh, locally produced food whenever possible, and change with the seasons in order to make the most of nature’s bounty. There should be a range of appetizers, soups, and salads that taste […]

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Live Music Enhances Your Dining Experience

live music in Ottawa

Choosing a Restaurant in Ottawa that Showcases Talented Local Artists Has Many Benefits The marriage between live music and dining dates back to ancient times, when instruments were played for kings and other wealthy citizens as they feasted. Nearly every culture has music associated with the preparation and style of its cuisine. In Ottawa, many […]

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Better Together: Learning to Pair Wines

Impress Your Friends—or Your Date—the Next Time You Visit a Wine Bar in Ottawa We all have that friend that fancies themselves a wine expert. They can always tell you which kind of wine to pair with a dish, and their selections often help bring out the best of both. But you can’t take them […]

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