Making Perfect Salade Niçoise

Seafood restaurants in Ottawa are a great way to experience the delicious salade niçoise.

What To Look For When Visiting A Seafood Restaurant In Ottawa Hailing from Nice, France, salade niçoise is characterized by a few unique ingredients. Most North American versions of a salade niçoise will typically include some form of hard-boiled eggs, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, olives, tuna and salad greens. Creating the prefect salad niçoise can […]

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Wine Trends in North America

Visit a wine bar in Ottawa to explore the latest market trends.

Discover Current Wine Trends At A Local Ottawa Wine Bar The market for wine changes over time as individuals age, develop different tastes and preferences, and new generations delve into the market. What was popular among Baby Boomers 20 years ago might become popular with Millennials tomorrow, or not at all.  Current wine trends are […]

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