Perfect Dinner and Wine Pairings

A wine bar in Ottawa is a perfect place to try pairing your favourite meals with delicious wines. It'll lead to an unforgettable dining experience!

Try Wine Pairings with Your Favourite Dishes for An Extraordinary Dining Experience Part of the enjoyment of eating a good meal is having a nice glass of wine to sip on that pairs well with your food. With the right wine pairings, the flavours of your meal and your wine will be heightened, and your […]

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Tips for a Classy Valentine’s Date Night

A lounge in Ottawa is the perfect escape for a romantic dinner with drinks.

For Valentine’s Day, Enjoy A Romantic Evening at an Ottawa Lounge Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, you should escape the day-to-day routine of the work week by treating yourself and your special someone to a classy night out at an Ottawa lounge. Valentine’s Day gives you a special excuse to dress […]

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Canada’s Favourite Seafood Dishes

A seafood restaurant in Ottawa is a great way to discover favourite dishes from coast to coast to coast!

Learn More About Your Favourite Dishes at a Seafood Restaurant in Ottawa Seafood is a favourite food for many Canadians, and we’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy it from coast to coast to coast. Lobster and crab from the Maritimes, freshwater fish from our many lakes, tuna from the Pacific, and salmon from […]

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Winter Wine Flavours

Visit an Ottawa wine bar to enjoy some delicious winter wines and flavours when the temperatures start to drop.

Warm Up This Winter With Great Wines at an Ottawa Wine Bar Now that we are in the depths of winter in Ottawa, with high wind chills, snow fall warnings, and ice storms, staying inside with a glass of wine and warm comfort food is one of the most desirable activities among Ottawa residents. Like […]

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