Wine Trends in North America

Visit a wine bar in Ottawa to explore the latest market trends.

Discover Current Wine Trends At A Local Ottawa Wine Bar The market for wine changes over time as individuals age, develop different tastes and preferences, and new generations delve into the market. What was popular among Baby Boomers 20 years ago might become popular with Millennials tomorrow, or not at all. ¬†Current wine trends are […]

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Uniquely Canadian Cuisine

Lounges and restaurants in Ottawa feature delicious Canadian cuisine.

An Appreciation For Unique Canadian Cuisine Canadian cuisine is as varied as the stunning landscapes and communities from coast to coast to coast. It includes a variety of local delicacies from across the country, and each region has its own specialty foods, making Canadian cuisine a combination of these many delicious tastes. For a Canadian-inspired […]

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The Ultimate Romantic Date

Restaurants in downtown Ottawa are perfect for dates.

Choose A Romantic Restaurant In Downtown Ottawa For An Intimate Dining Experience If you are going on a date with that special someone, consider going to a restaurant with beautiful art and live music in downtown Ottawa. Not only will the ambiance set the mood for a romantic evening, but the atmosphere is sure to […]

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Must-Try Dessert Wines

Dessert wines are a great way to finish a night at an Ottawa food and wine bar.

Finish Off A Meal At Ottawa Food And Wine Bars With These Wines At Ottawa Food and Wine bars, dessert wines are so named because they are frequently sweet and flavourful enough to replace desserts. They are made with sweet wine grapes, and a special fermentation process wherein the fermentation of the grapes is stopped […]

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