Embrace Your Wine Palate

Wine bars in Ottawa are a great way to develop your tasting skills.

Wine Bar Ottawa’s Tips For Tasting As beautiful as it may be to take a trip to Prince Edward County, you can have an enjoyable wine tasting experience close to home at an wine bar in Ottawa. Tasting wine is a pleasurable experience, especially when wine is paired with tasty foods. Best of all, it […]

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Summer’s Sweet And Savoury Sangria Recipes

Ottawa food and wine pair deliciously when it comes to sangria.

Ottawa Food And Wine With The Summer’s Freshest Ingredients One of the best things about summer is the abundance of local produce. Ottawa food and wine pairings are especially tasty in the summer since there are many in-season fruits and vegetables. Another tasty treat is sangria made with in-season fruits and herbs. Here are some […]

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Do You Have A Special Event?

Private dining rooms in Ottawa are a great way to celebrate a special event

Celebrate In Comfort With A Private Dining Room In Ottawa Say you’re organizing a birthday party, or a company outing, or a family reunion. Or what if you were organizing the post-marriage celebration of a courthouse wedding, or the birth of a child? You wouldn’t want to compete with regular reservations or deal with packed […]

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Three Meals A Day

Lunch in downtown Ottawa

The Importance of Not Skipping Lunch When we gain weight, or feel a little sluggish due to poor eating, our go-to solution is to stop eating in order to compensate. Many of us tend to skip lunch on a daily basis due to the reasons above and many more.  It is the easiest meal to […]

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