restaurant downtown ottawaWhat makes LIFT, the most exquisite restaurant downtown Ottawa has to offer, an exciting dining experience? Like a recipe, it comes down to the right ingredients, brought together to produce an experience greater than the sum of its parts.

First you start with a great atmosphere, bolstered by architecture and design accents that make our restaurant in downtown Ottawa modern and yet cozy. Then you add a passionate and gifted chef with a love for all things Canadian. Throw in sustainable ingredients, locally-sourced when possible, local micro-brewed beers, a wine bar, and cocktails designed by Split Tree Cocktail Co., and you’re almost ready to serve. Top it off with a menu that celebrates the uniqueness of Canadian cuisine, presenting it with pride and flair, and you’ve got a Canadian-inspired dining experience unlike any other in the nation’s capital.

Restaurant Downtown Ottawa

restaurant downtown ottawaOur gorgeous lounge restaurant in downtown fuses natural elements—stone, wood, and fire—with contemporary design aesthetics to create a unique atmosphere that’s vibrant and full of life.

Whether you’re stopping in for a casual drink at our bar, a tasting at our Sommelier table, a get-together with friends, food, and wine, or an intimate dinner for two, you’ve found the perfect place at LIFT Resto Lounge.