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Swap The Staff Party For A Festive Holiday Lunch

A wine bar and restaurant in downtown Ottawa is the perfect location to bring your staff for a holiday lunch.

A Holiday Lunch At A Downtown Ottawa Restaurant And Wine Bar Will Boost Workplace Morale

A staff holiday lunch at a restaurant or wine bar in downtown Ottawa is a great alternative to office Christmas parties that everyone can enjoy. By treating your staff to a holiday lunch, you can show how much you appreciate your staff. A staff holiday lunch also leaves evenings and weekends free during what can be a very busy time.

A holiday lunch at a wine bar and restaurant in downtown Ottawa during a weekday will give your staff a chance to unwind during a stressful time while they enjoy some delicious food and wine. Here are five reasons you and your staff will be grateful you went out for lunch to celebrate the holidays.

Show Staff You Care

Thanking your staff for their dedication can be as simple as treating them to a delicious lunch. At the end of the year, your company’s budget might not be ready for a full holiday party. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show your staff you care! A holiday lunch with great food and wine still shows staff your appreciation, albeit in a more intimate, low-key setting.

Boost Workplace Morale

A staff lunch is a great way to improve workplace morale. It’s a break from the stresses of the day and an escape from the pre-Christmas blues. Your staff will appreciate the break and a chance to relax outside of the office. Come January, they will remember the wonderful holiday lunch you brought them to and will want to return the favour with hard work.

Get to Know Your Staff Better

Chatting over a glass of wine while enjoying delicious food is a great social setting to get to know your staff a bit better. The relaxed setting and social atmosphere will give you a chance to chat about things other than work. This is a great way to improve morale while conversing with colleagues and coworkers. The divide between “employer” and “employee” won’t seem as big.

Improve Staff Bonds

But at the end of the day, it’s not about you! It’s a great way for staff to build stronger relationships that will inform their work ethic and team dynamic. Break the ice with some simple conversation topics, introduce employees to each other, and step back once people start to mingle. This will create a stronger sense of teamwork in the workplace come the New Year. Restaurants in downtown Ottawa are a perfect setting, too!

A Lunch Won’t Impose on Busy Schedules

Aside from the usual holiday prep, if staff have children or visiting family, a lunch is a great way to avoid the hassle of planning babysitters, making sure family aren’t left out, or worrying about a schedule at all. Taking staff out for lunch simplifies these common holiday challenges and gives them more time to focus on holiday shopping and planning after hours.

When dining at an Ottawa restaurant and wine bar, you can still enjoy all the food, wine, and cheer that Christmas parties have to offer—except it won’t conflict with your staff’s busy holiday preparations.