Swap The Staff Party For A Festive Holiday Lunch

A wine bar and restaurant in downtown Ottawa is the perfect location to bring your staff for a holiday lunch.

A Holiday Lunch At A Downtown Ottawa Restaurant And Wine Bar Will Boost Workplace Morale A staff holiday lunch at a restaurant or wine bar in downtown Ottawa is a great alternative to office Christmas parties that everyone can enjoy. By treating your staff to a holiday lunch, you can show how much you appreciate […]

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Uniquely Canadian Cuisine

Lounges and restaurants in Ottawa feature delicious Canadian cuisine.

An Appreciation For Unique Canadian Cuisine Canadian cuisine is as varied as the stunning landscapes and communities from coast to coast to coast. It includes a variety of local delicacies from across the country, and each region has its own specialty foods, making Canadian cuisine a combination of these many delicious tastes. For a Canadian-inspired […]

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Do You Have A Special Event?

Private dining rooms in Ottawa are a great way to celebrate a special event

Celebrate In Comfort With A Private Dining Room In Ottawa Say you’re organizing a birthday party, or a company outing, or a family reunion. Or what if you were organizing the post-marriage celebration of a courthouse wedding, or the birth of a child? You wouldn’t want to compete with regular reservations or deal with packed […]

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The Incredible Value of Dining Together

restaurant downtown Ottawa

A Restaurant Downtown Ottawa Provides More than Food — It’s a Place to Come Together It’s an essential element to many cultures and religions, it used to be an institution of western life, and perhaps once upon a time it was even a nightly event in your life. But for whatever reason — a busy […]

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