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Tips for a Classy Valentine’s Date Night

A lounge in Ottawa is the perfect escape for a romantic dinner with drinks.

For Valentine’s Day, Enjoy A Romantic Evening at an Ottawa Lounge

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, you should escape the day-to-day routine of the work week by treating yourself and your special someone to a classy night out at an Ottawa lounge.

Valentine’s Day gives you a special excuse to dress up and go out, leaving the stresses of the work week behind. When choosing an Ottawa lounge and restaurant for your date night, consider location, atmosphere, dinner menus, and drinks that will please both you and your date, and make for an extra-special romantic evening.


A lounge in downtown Ottawa can be the best location for a night out. If you don’t plan to drive because you want to enjoy some fine wines, beers, or cocktails, call a cab or hop on public transit. If you’re planning for an even classier night out and want to rent a hotel room for a mini romantic getaway, downtown Ottawa is the best place to find a beautiful hotel for the night.


A lounge restaurant should have a nice atmosphere that is both comfortable and exciting. You should feel classy without being afraid to sit back and relax. Artwork, contemporary décor, lighting, and music will contribute to that welcoming atmosphere. And if there are fireplaces, you’ve got yourself a very cozy and romantic spot for Valentine’s Day.


When choosing a lounge restaurant for Valentine’s Day, make sure to look at the menu online before making reservations. The menu should have something for everyone to enjoy so you and your date aren’t left unsatisfied with your meals. Local ingredients and gourmet dishes are sure to make menus interesting while pleasing your palates.


A variety of drinks to choose from, from fine wines, craft beers, and exciting cocktails, will certainly add to the romantic and classy date night experience. Treat yourself and your date to wine pairings with delicious foods, and sip on a local craft beer or special cocktail before and after your meals.

You don’t have to go far to escape the daily grind of the work week and have a romantic night out for Valentine’s Day. Ottawa restaurant lounges can add excitement to your night while satisfying your taste buds and setting the mood for later. Impress yourself and your Valentine with a classy night out at a downtown Ottawa lounge and restaurant.