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The Ultimate Romantic Date

Restaurants in downtown Ottawa are perfect for dates.

Choose A Romantic Restaurant In Downtown Ottawa For An Intimate Dining Experience

If you are going on a date with that special someone, consider going to a restaurant with beautiful art and live music in downtown Ottawa. Not only will the ambiance set the mood for a romantic evening, but the atmosphere is sure to encourage conversation, connection, and romance. A romantic date at a restaurant makes an evening with a significant other extra special.


An intimate setting is a must for a romantic date. Relaxed and intimate atmospheres help encourage the connection between you and your date. Live music or visual art in restaurants offer topics for conversation, or even a brief break from conversation, allowing you to appreciate the moment even more. The music adds to the mood and energy, while keeping your conversations private and the date rolling in the right direction.

Delicious Food

A palate-pleasing dinner made from fresh and local ingredients is sure to satisfy on a date. A delicious meal will stimulate conversation alongside your taste buds while also helping you get to know your date a bit more. Learning their food preferences will help you choose a great meal on the next date, too. A unique menu also offers you an opportunity to share a new experience, letting you be bold and adventurous in your dining choices.

Good Music

Good music—especially live music—in a restaurant makes for an overall enjoyable date. The music sets the tone, whether it be familiar favourite songs or new soulful tunes. Lighting and music in restaurants are also linked to longer, more enjoyable dining experiences. Soft lighting and music often makes people eat slower, so they end up having better conversations, and ultimately, better dates. The longer you and your date talk, the more you will get to know about each other. Breaking the ice and getting to know each other through good conversation will make you more comfortable, and more likely to see each other again.

Whether you’re going on a first date, or one of many with your significant other, choose a romantic restaurant in downtown Ottawa for a pleasurable evening. Music and art in restaurants fuses great food, art, music, and the opportunity for a meaningful conversation—which are key to a successful date.