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Uniquely Canadian Cuisine

Lounges and restaurants in Ottawa feature delicious Canadian cuisine.

An Appreciation For Unique Canadian Cuisine

Canadian cuisine is as varied as the stunning landscapes and communities from coast to coast to coast. It includes a variety of local delicacies from across the country, and each region has its own specialty foods, making Canadian cuisine a combination of these many delicious tastes.

For a Canadian-inspired dining experience, visit a local Canadian restaurant and lounge Ottawa downtown—as the national capital, Ottawa features a variety of delicious foods from the cultures and communities that make up our great country. Here are just a few of the regional delicacies that make Canadian cuisine so special:


Canada has an abundance of cheeses, most of which are produced in Ontario and Quebec. According to Canadian dairy search results, Quebec alone produces more than 900 cheeses. One of Quebec’s most famous cheeses is Oka, from the small village of the same name in Quebec. Canadians love their cheeses, making regional cheese a common ingredient in Canadian dishes. Cheese curds are another popular product, known for their contribution to the most recognizable Canadian dish—the poutine.

For those of you who have never tried a poutine, it is a delicious combination of fries, cheese curds, and gravy, with other toppings added for a unique poutine experience. Sure, poutine may not be a healthy, low-fat choice, but it is definitely worth trying at least once in your life.

Seafood From Coast to Coast

Canadian cuisine features seafood from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as freshwater fish from our many lakes. There wouldn’t be Canadian cuisine without seafood on the menu. Some noteworthy seafood to try include tuna and salmon from British Columbia, freshwater fish (such as pickerel and trout) from Ontario, and lobster and crab from the Maritimes.


Canada has a wide selection of regional meats, including AAA Alberta beef. Many restaurants across the country are sure to have bacon and AAA Alberta beef on their menus, making these two meats Canadian-cuisine essentials.

Another aspect of Canadian cuisine combines meats and cheeses from different regions to make a delicious meal—such as charcuterie or a poutine with duck meat. Whatever your meat preferences are, you can explore their many combinations at a local downtown Ottawa restaurant and lounge that specializes in Canadian cuisine.


Canadian produce varies by region and season. A truly Canadian-inspired menu will offer dishes with seasonal produce, and also use greenhouse-grown produce in the winter.

Wine & Beer

Local wines and beers also make Canadian cuisine unique because there are so many varieties to choose from. Vineyards and craft breweries are plentiful in Canada, and each offer something different from the next.

Maple Syrup

A Canadian-inspired menu should have at least one dish with maple syrup in it—after all, this is Canada. Maple syrup is a Canadian delicacy that is sought after across the world, and we are lucky to have it so widely available.

If you have yet to try the many tastes of Canadian cuisine, visit a Canadian restaurant in downtown Ottawa to explore what our country has to offer.