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Wine Trends in North America

Visit a wine bar in Ottawa to explore the latest market trends.

Discover Current Wine Trends At A Local Ottawa Wine Bar

The market for wine changes over time as individuals age, develop different tastes and preferences, and new generations delve into the market. What was popular among Baby Boomers 20 years ago might become popular with Millennials tomorrow, or not at all.  Current wine trends are being set by prominent generations with varying tastes for wine. Consider the following trends the next time you visit a wine bar in Ottawa:

Lower Alcohol Content

As we get older, our tolerance for alcohol tends to decrease. Our wine palates mature, and we inevitably prefer a drink that tastes good over one with a high alcohol content. The days of drinking hard liquor become a distant memory. A current wine trend among Baby Boomers is a preference for wines with a lower alcohol content. Nowadays, many Baby Boomers would prefer to sip on a delicious wine without the added effects of more alcohol. Although there are many good wines with a higher alcohol content, they are no longer the first choice among consumers.

A Decline in Cheap Wine

Cheap generic jug wine, also known as table wine, is on a steady decline in the wine market. Millennials are preferring more expensive wines to the cheap wine found in bulk quantities at dépanneurs and the like. In this case, though, “more expensive” means Millennials prefer an $8-14 750-mL bottle to a $25 3-litre bottle. Even boxed wines of decent quality are being snubbed by wine connoisseurs. Both Baby Boomers and Millennials are acquiring a more sophisticated taste for wines.

More Foreign Wines

With more foreign wines available in the market than ever before, there is an increase in foreign wine consumption in North America. Foreign wine prices are often on par with Canadian wines, so more consumers can explore the many wines from around the world without paying too much.

Red Blends

Since Millennials are showing a preference for exploring different wines from around the world—that are not cheap generic jug wines—red blends are becoming more popular. Blends incorporate numerous grape varieties, offering unique and sometimes out-of-the-ordinary options.

These trends in wine consumption are sure to shift in a few years as demographics, economies, climates, and preferences change. Maybe table and boxed wines will make a comeback, and younger generations will prefer wines with a higher alcohol content. Whatever your wine preference may be, you can explore these trends and your own wine palate at a local wine bar in Ottawa.