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Winter Wine Flavours

Visit an Ottawa wine bar to enjoy some delicious winter wines and flavours when the temperatures start to drop.

Warm Up This Winter With Great Wines at an Ottawa Wine Bar

Now that we are in the depths of winter in Ottawa, with high wind chills, snow fall warnings, and ice storms, staying inside with a glass of wine and warm comfort food is one of the most desirable activities among Ottawa residents. Like other winter beverages, there are varieties of wine that are best enjoyed in the winter months because of their full, warming flavours. These full-bodied wines have many layers to uncover when enjoyed with a delicious meal at an Ottawa wine bar.

Cabernet Sauvignon

A favourite wine for red wine lovers, Cabernet Sauvignon is a nice combination of fruity and full-bodied. A bit on the heavier side, this wine has many flavours that depend on the climate of the winery. Cabs produced in warm climates have a fruitier jam flavour, while those produced in colder climates have a hint of vegetables, such as green bell peppers.

Almost every wine-producing country, including Canada, has delicious full-bodied Cabs to enjoy during the winter.


In the cold winter months, Chardonnay’s dry fruity taste pairs well with many beloved winter comfort foods, such as warm loaves of bread, cheeses, chowders, and any dish with mashed potatoes.

Petite Sirah

As one of the richest and most flavourful of red wines, Petite Sirah is perfect for the winter season. Its flavours combine dark fruits with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. Petite Sirah pairs well with hearty stews to enjoy on cold Ottawa winter evenings.

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris that is produced in the Alsace region of France has more powerful flavours that can be appreciated in the winter. By comparison, the lighter flavours from other regions are more common during the summer.


Rieslings, most notably from Germany and France, are delicious textured wines that are enjoyed in winter, with sweet notes of honey and smoke. German Rieslings to look for are Dönnhoff and Prum. Boxler, from the Alsace region of France, is another popular Riesling for winter.


The many flavours of Syrah are best enjoyed with savoury winter meals. These flavours include blueberry, coffee, and smoke, and will complement rich and flavourful dishes. Roasted lamb and seasoned mushrooms are ideal meals.


Zinfandel is full of different flavours, from light and fruity to rich and jammy. When paired with winter comfort foods, such as pastas with tomato sauce, Zinfandel complements the tangy acidity of the sauce. It also pairs well with desserts, cheeses, and chocolate.

When escaping the cold winter weather, nothing beats cozying up with a nice meal and a full-bodied wine. There are plenty of wines to try that will complement your favourite comfort foods at a local restaurant and wine bar in Ottawa.